Discussion Marketing As most of you are aware, The President’sUniversal Health Care efforts resulted in what is commonly referred to as “OBAMA-Care” which is now in place and currently a very hot issue ……sparking unyielding controversy among the U.S. citizenry. This insurmountable attention and debate is centered around: 1. Individual Rights 2. True Capitalism /Free Enterprise? A new Capitalism? Is it Working? 3. The “Haves” and the “Have-not’s” 4. Too Much Government Regulation 5. Unfair Distribution of Wealth 6. Unethical practices 7. Corporations rule! 8. Shrinking Middle Class 9. Moral and Social Responsibility DISCUSSION QUESTION: All students must explain and elaborate on each major provision of “OBAMA-Care”. In addition, discuss the pro’s and con’s of this piece of historic legislation. Give a detailed explanations to support you position and be prepared to adequately defend your choice in response to your classmates’ opposition. I will be closely monitoring this forum to…    read more