Discussion on comics (Civil War) Title: Civil War Author: Mark Millar Publisher: Marvel ISBN-10: 078512179X (I also have some documents post by the professor are helpful! Attached below) 2. Answer the following two discussion question: (this is not a professional journal or paper. it is just simple discussion question. i do not need any format for this assignment. i just need some paragraphs for one discussion question. thank you!) (the assignment is not based on the film and it is based on the book!!) (each discussion is around one page/ around 250 words) Discussion Board #13: The atypical superman (required around one page/ around 200 words) Directions: please respond to the following question. 1. First, please provide a definition for the traditional hero. Go online and find a resource that provides a basic definition of “hero.” Include that definition in your analysis. You may revise or disagree with the definition…    read more