Discussion post – Advantages and Disadvantages of Encrypted Communications Discussion post on Advantages and Disadvantages of Encrypted Communications. Need post on APA format. At least 500 words. Need brief reply or review on 2 peers posts as well. I will send peer’s post after acceptance of this bid. school discussion post school Encrypted communication Peer 1) Sumeet Suresh Deore Data encryption at rest is a must but at some point of time, it is necessary to move to data to other user, source, server, etc. So, protecting this data is also a high priority just like data at rest. Advantages of data encryption in transit are: 1] The data is protected as the decryption keys would be only available to intended users 2] Encryption keeps the data integrity intact. Alterations are not possible with data encryption 3] The most emerging technology ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ has the most need of…    read more