Discussion Question :: Securing System Access and Sessions To begin, read the following: https://www.veracode.com/security/penetration-testing Given this information, research Kali Linux, including the tools it contains and how it can assist a penetration tester in identifying vulnerabilities in the network. Once you have done that, answer the following questions as though you were an internal or external penetration test firm assisting a Saudi company in strengthening their systems, framework, and network. 1. How does the penetration test differ from other types of security testing – such as a vulnerability assessment? 2. What is your process for performing the penetration test? Explain in detail and discuss the process and tools that would be used. 3. How will you protect the company’s data during and after testing? 4. How will you ensure the availability of systems and services while the test is taking place? These last two will be key. Unless you are…    read more