Discussion questions 9 questions Analytic epidemiologic studies are concerned with the etiology (causes) of diseases and other health outcomes. In comparison, descriptive epidemiology classifies a disease or other health outcome according to the categories of person, place, and time. The concepts of association between exposures and health outcomes should be carefully reviewed. For this discussion, identify the type of study design that is described by each of the following statements. Ensure you provide a rationale for the identified type. 1. The association between average unemployment levels and mortality from coronary heart disease was studied in countries in New York State. 2. A group of women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer was compared with a group of cancer-free women; participants were asked whether they used oral contraceptives in the past. 3. A group of recent college graduates (exercisers and non-exercisers) were followed over a period of 20 years in…    read more