Discussion Questions – VERY EASY 1. Based on the discussion “Muslim Women, the Veil and Western Society” , Do you believe that there is a clash of culture when Muslim women are completely covered? Write a short paragraph of 200 words. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Observe your daily surroundings and identify the landscape features that you could associate with folk and/or popular culture. Do you feel that your activities are influenced by folk or popular culture? If yes, how? If no, why not? Please provide examples and photos. Write a paragraph of about 200 words. Answer the initial question on the discussion board and post a comment about two other student’s discussions ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Stagecoach Film, John Ford Please answer the following questions and respond to at least one classmate. 
For this discussion, you will NOT receive credit if you repeat the same answer that another classmate has already posted. Make sure…    read more