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Discussion responses

December 20, 2020 |

Discussion responses Guided Response: Review several of your colleagues’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers by 11:59 p.m. on Day 7 of the week. You are encouraged to post your required replies earlier in the week to promote more meaningful interactive discourse in this discussion. Review the job posting and cover letter created by your colleague. Was your colleague’s cover letter appropriate for the job indicated? What were the strengths of the cover letter? What area(s) could have used more detail? Suggest changes to the letter that would make it more effective for the job as listed. Include specific rationales for any recommended changes. Address the potential ethical issues your colleague mentioned as well as any you see that were not mentioned. First student: Jada Dear Sir or Madam: I am an ambitious, career oriented, dedicating dependable individual with a primary interest in becoming employed with…    read more 

Discussion responses

December 12, 2020 |

Discussion responses   Health Care Finance Please respond to the following discussion post Capital Decisions Posted by Rohan If I were to present a hospital project, it would be based on the existing services of the hospital. New adaptations and ideas are always important when running a successful organization. However, being able to perfect the existing services shows the valor of a forever lasting organization. In order to perfect these existing services, there will need to be a cost layout and management plan. There will need to be a budget present for improvements, repairs, and diagnostics of each system. Improving these things will allow for a more accurate system and leave little to no possibility for error. The project will also use costs to create training courses on the new improvements to the system. Although the staff may be knowledgeable of the current system in use, they will need to…    read more 

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December 11, 2020 |

Discussion Responses   Please respond to the following discussion posts Financial Reporting Mod 7 response Posted by Dawn Financial statements reflect the impact different business transactions have on a company or business. The three financial statements, income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows are all connected and dependent on each other. The income statement, sometimes known as the profit or loss statement has a direct link to the balance sheet and cash flow statement. It reflects the increase or decrease in net assets of a company or business resulting from a profit. It primarily focuses on a company’s revenues and expenses during a stated time period. Expenses are directed subtracted from the revenues to reveal the profit or loss which is the net income.The balance sheet provides an overview of a company or businesses assets, liabilities, and equity in a snapshot of time. Typically this snapshot of time…    read more 

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December 9, 2020 |

Discussion responses   Please respond to the following discussion posts Research in Healthcare Maelese C posted What I am curious about in my current professional setting is how to become an more opioid free facility. A).I suppose the the two groups I would survey would be pain patients but some that are on opioids and some that were not on opioids. B.) a “treatment” I would offer would be for the opioid patients, I would try to seek other alternative methods instead of medication that would include, physical therapy, acupuncture, invasive procedures, etc. Where as the non opioid patients I would probably consider taking away opioids and do a psychological evaluation to see if indeed they were experiencing pain or if it was just all in there head. C.) For measuring this objectively I would do vital signs and I would also order an EEG to track Brian activity. D.)…    read more 

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December 5, 2020 |

Discussion responses   Please respond to the following posts *****Healthcare Research. Posted by Kaitlyn C Knowing the Difference in Statistical Terms Data is values collected concerning a specified subject which is under study, which can be quantitative and qualitative data. For example, weights, number of items used in research, number of people in research and so on which in this case can be the symptomatic pediatric population at risk for Fabry disease. Statistics is the use of mathematics to analyze using representations, summaries, and quantified models collected from case studies in real life or experimental data. Assuming for specified research on number of children with the Fabry disease as shown by Kästner et al. (2015) in a community of 1000 people is collected; the number of the sample size becomes the statistics. Descriptive statistic is the breaking down of data into measures such as measures of central tendencies, measures of…    read more