Stratford University Infectious Disease Ebola Case Study Questions A. In the area where WHO will assign you, you will need to set up a field lab to investigate outbreaks. You will need to be able to identify the causal microbes in order to decide how to handle the outbreak. Discuss what do you need to know prior to going to the WHO site about techniques for identifying microbes? B. Design and submit a concept map on what you have learned. It should include concepts and connections between concepts including: Microbiology testing techniques Types of microbes identified by each technique C. Activity 1:Diagnosing Ebola – Laboratory Tests Diagnosing Ebola is often difficult in the early stage, 2 -3 days after becoming infected, because the symptoms are the same as seen in other diseases of the area such as malaria. Diagnosis through testing is determine by a timeline of infection. Make a…    read more