Diverse Family Structures ePortfolio Submission 3: Diverse Family Structures PLEASE FOLLOW 1-3 ANSWER COMPLETELY. I HAVE ATTACHED CH 5 FROM THE TEXTBOOK TO HELP WITH THIS  1. This week, you will complete the third section of your ePortfolio, which will demonstrate your cultural competence in the area of diverse family structure. 2. Watch the video featuring Monarch’s Stephen Keiley (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (video transcript). Reflect on Mr. Keiley’s comments regarding teaching and homelessness, address the following in a two- to three-page essay:   a. Mr. Keiley shared that if the child’s parents are struggling then the children will struggle as well.  Discuss how you would address this as the classroom teacher. b. Describe how you would connect with the families at this school. c. Recommend four strategies that support a consistent, effective, and reliable learning environment 3. For additional suggestions and resources visit the Support Services page on the Monarch School…    read more