Domestic abuse 1 page , Domestic abuse. down there is the format.. 3 sources from the moraine valley libray SOCINDEX. Mini Literature Review (5 points): Type a one page, double-spaced essay in the five paragraph format. Include an introduction paragraph and three body paragraphs. Discuss the findings of one scholarly source related to your topic per body paragraph. Provide in- text citations. Three body paragraphs mean three scholarly sources are required. Include a conclusion paragraph. On the second page, provide APA full citations for the three sources. Title This is the introduction paragraph. Provide the simple, basic details about your topic. What is your topic? Explain the basics about your topic. Assume the audience is unfamiliar with your topic. You should also state each of the main points that you will make in the body paragraphs. This is the first body paragraph. Discuss the findings from one source. What were…    read more