Down Below. In this current events assignment, you will find, read and write a paper of a police news article. The assignment must be at least 400 words in length (not including information from the title page or the reference page). 1. You will need to choose a news article from a magazine, newspaper or Internet. 2. Paragraphs should be typed, doubled spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman. The assignment must be at least two paragraphs in length 3.Read the entire article then summarize what the article is about in YOUR OWN WORDS — a good summary should include WHO did WHAT, WHERE it occurred, WHEN it happened, and WHY it is important. If you are using someone else’s words, you must put them in quotes. 4. The second paragraph of the assignment must include how it relates to policing and how the information was beneficial to you or may…    read more