Adults with Down Syndrome Living Plans Outline Part 2: Outline due in week 5 (November 24th at 11:59pm) Instructions: This serves as an outline for the final paper to be submitted in week 7 and follows from our topic choice in week 3. Basically, you will be following up on your own and the professor’s feedback and suggestions on your topic, which we completed in week 3 to find the background material for your paper. For the outline, follow these steps: Go through the material you found and/or was suggested by your instructor in part 1 (topic choice) Create a Paper Outline: Introduction, Questions, Conclusion, etc. Type in 8-10 of your references, numbered to keep track, in APA Style For 4-6 of these references you write a few lines for the ones that you find to be most useful (the key points/takeaways).