BIO 121 Oil Drilling in Arctic Refuge Discussion BIO 121Environmental Biology Topic Paper   BIO 121 Sec C Fall, 2020     Topic Papers can be over any issue in environmental science.  Choose a topic that you find interesting, i.e. feral cats, White-tailed Deer in Ohio, oil drilling in the arctic, logging in the Amazon.  Any environmentally related topic is fair game.   The papers are to be 3-5 pages of text, double-spaced, 1-inch margins and 12 font. I will give instructions at a later date about how to submit them electronically.   I am interested in what the major tenets of the argument are, both pro and con.  What side of the issue do you favor and why? I also am very interested in what evidence, if it were made available to you, would cause you to reevaluate and possibly change sides.   Everything you write must be in…    read more