EAD 505 – Topic 1 Assignment Discovering the Relationship between the Law and Your School To understand the connection between laws and school policies, it is necessary to be familiar with case laws that pertain to education. Principals and central office personnel must understand district policies to competently enforce rules regarding students, staff, and instructional programs. Secure a copy of your school district’s policy manual, certified staff manual, non‐certified staff manual, and student handbook. Review the materials for policies on the following topics:   · Personnel · Instructional programs · Students Review any additional documents related to your school’s vision and mission. Write a 500‐750 word essay that includes:   · The role of the principal in enforcing site‐based and district‐level policies . · The legal consequences for failing to enforce these policies . · How the principal enacts policy‐based decisions while ensuring he or she is consistent with the…    read more