SEU Southeastern Asian Arts Rock Art in South East Asia Research Paper A research paper on a topic in Southeast Asian art. Choose a topic that interests you, formulate an approach to it, and investigate it as thoughtfully as you can. You should NOT do something like a rudimentary book report – that is, simply paraphrasing what was said in one or two sources. Instead, you should pose some illuminating questions about a single work of art or some reasonably limited body of material (e.g., battle scenes in the reliefs of the Bayon, the figures and actions portrayed in the narrative scenes from the Bhagavata Purana on the Cham pedestal, particular Cambodian costumes seen in the apsaras of Angkor Wat) and formulate your own thoughts about that material once you have developed some familiarity with the topic. Part of your grade will be determined by how much research you did…    read more