ECE 210 The Learning Cycle   The process of instructional design can be cumbersome and challenging. The learning cycle requires the educator to prepare for and instruct students, identifying how their students learn best, the purpose of learning, and appropriate ways to engage students. Having an understanding of instructional design to include standards, objectives, instruction, and assessment better supports alignment in classroom learning. Each component of the learning cycle is a key step in meeting the instructional requirements of learning. For this assignment, research the components of the learning cycle. Complete “Instructional Design Topic 1: The Learning Cycle” within the “Instructional Design Unit” template by clearly defining the different stages of the cycle. Additionally, in 250-500 words, discuss the following in the Learning Cycle Summary portion of the template(ATTACHED BELOW): How the learning cycle is developmentally appropriate and promotes growth for young students. How the learning cycle supports students’ strengths…    read more