ECON 2302 BC Microeconomics Profit Maximizing Condition & Profit Calculations Worksheet Directions for the Problem Set Directions for the Problem Set The problem set answers should only contain answers. Do not retype the questions. Answers for the problem set have to be typed using 12 point font and double spaced. The only portion of the paper that is hand drawn are the graphs. All answers are to be typed, including any calculations. Answers should be given in a paragraph form that provides a thorough explanation. A one sentence answer is not adequate. Even in the case of calculations, they should be explained. Graphs are to be neatly hand drawn. Graphs are to be clearly labeled Graphs are to be inserted into the paragraph of the answer All answers must be submitted through Safe Assign, which checks for plagerism. You should be doing your own work. All problem set answers have…    read more