ECON 240 Queens University Tax Policy Questions Discussion P Fall, 2020 Instructions: The assignment is due November 27, 2020 at 11:30pm EST. It should be uploaded to the OnQ course page in Word or PDF format by that time. The assignment should have a cover page with the names and student numbers of all contributors. You may work singly or in groups of two. This assignment requires some graphical analysis.  Please ensure that all graphs are legible and fully explained. Question One (20 marks) Assume that the market for a good can be segregated into two segments, each with a different elasticity of demand (eg. travel for pleasure versus business). Initially, each market segment charges the same price and has the same output. Illustrate and explain how the two segments will be differentially affected by a unit tax levied at the rate of $t per unit. Question Two (20 marks)…    read more