ECON545 Paper Project 1 – Macroeconomics Paper Also see attachment The following is a list of the specific required information, research, graphs, and math to be included in each answer regardless of the scenario chosen. 1.Demand Determinants: a.Each individual determinant analyzed for your situation, with examples applicable to your situation (3 points each) and research (2 points each) showing current demand data or most recent past data, except for the expectations determinant in which you need to use data estimating future market conditions. b.(10 points) Price Elasticity of Demand facing you in your scenario, including actual calculation of it using the midpoint formula. If you can’t find data, then determine the price elasticity from the characteristics and make up numbers to use. Be sure to identify this if you use this approach. This will help you in deciding the slope of your demand curve below. c.(5 points) Graph the demand…    read more