Economic Issues and Canadas Two Step Selection Process Essay Assignment 4: Immigration System Write a policy briefing about Canada’s two-step selection process and recent developments associated with the new COVID levels plans. As always, it’s perhaps best to start the report with some background/context. My suggestion would be to focus on recent labour market factors and point-system reforms (e.g., IRPA 2002) that led to changes in the selection process – the key is to give the reader a sense of the rapid transition from a FSWP-dominated selection system towards CEC- and PNP-like programs. You might then consider in turn the two steps of the two-step selection process: i) temporary residency; ii) permanent residency. Consider broad changes over time in the temporary resident mix (i.e., TFWP & IMP); as well as the mix of various sub-categories. Make comparisons in terms of both the stock of temporary residents and the flow of…    read more