Economics paper based on International finance and global reserve currency Read Yanis Varoufakis, “Imagining a New Bretton Woods,” Project Syndicate, 5/4/2016 (attached with this assignment). In a short essay (2-3 pages), explain the Varoufakis position on the global reserve currency. What problems is Varoufakis trying to solve? Evaluate. You must use the assigned article in your answer.This is not a research paper. If you wish to consult an additional article, please attach a copy of it (with all publication details) to your assignment. Wikipedia is not a credible source ____________ The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and avoid excessive quotation or paraphrasing.The paper should follow the APA style for in-text references (and all quotations and paraphrases must be accompanied with in-text citations), for example (Partnoy 2009: 189).Failure to observe rules concerning references is considered plagiarism, renders the paper unacceptable. Grading based upon: Understanding of the issues and cogency of argument Organization of…    read more