Edgewood College Metabolism ATP and Enzymes Quiz Discussion Name: _______________________                                      Metabolism, ATP and Enzymes Quiz (20 pts)   Maltose is a disaccharide composed of two molecules of glucose and is found in cereal, pasta, potatoes and some sweetened foods. Maltase is also known as alpha glucosidase and is located in the small intestine of humans and also in plants, bacteria and yeast. Identify the substrate and enzyme in the above example. (2 pts)         If maltose and maltase were added to the same test tube, what would be the product(s) of hydrolysis? (1pt)         The diagram on the left shows an enzyme without inhibition. Identify the kind of inhibition on the right and explain how it works. (2 pts)     A certain reaction can happen on its own, but it takes a very long time to happen. How do enzymes help…    read more