Effects of Diabetes everything needed is provided I don’t have time to finish everything I need to graduate so i’m focusing on my tougher classes. she’s not too strict with the essay but please provide a good presentation. Final Project Assignment Sheet-Choose Dates- 7-10 minutes presentations-all options Health Psychology Options: You will present one of the options that you choose in a 7-10 minute presentation with visuals and paper, academic support and transcription if choosing the option. Option 2- APA Research Paper/Oral Presentation– (see APA paper examples) (topic needs to be approved by professor) You will write a 5-7 page APA research paper and present your research in a powerpoint/prezi with visuals example a video clip that demonstrates your psychological and health related topic that you researched. An example of a Research Topic could be the Psychological Effects of Eczema, Heart Disease, /Diabetes, it could be a topic from the…    read more