Effects of Disease on the healthcare industry Effects of Disease on the Health Care Industry: Mental and Behavioral Health Complete the table on the following page. Choose 2 diseases or disorders to complete the table. Be sure to properly cite references and sources for any information or facts used. A general example has been provided for you. Example: Disease or Disorder Treatment Modalities Cultural Beliefs/Practices Affecting this Disease Epidemiological Statistics Available Consumer Resources  (e.g., financing, information, support) Impact on Society Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) • Prevention (education, exposure avoidance)  • Antiretroviral treatment (required to begin directly after infection) • Antiviral medications sometimes slow disease progression but cannot cure it once contracted. • AIDS is a disease that only affects the LGBT community (myth).  • Contracting HIV is an automatic death sentence (myth). • HIV/AIDS is currently incurable (fact). • Education and proper preventive measures are crucial in fighting this disease. • Worldwide, 2.5 millionnew cases reported in 2011 (CDC)  • 635,000 individuals with AIDS have died in the United…    read more