FUIE Gender Inequality in Education and Employment Discussion The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to argue for something that you consider plausible or likely—not something you know is true or something that is already proven. Take this into consideration as you write. You must include support from documents that will give you some expertise on the subject— not make you an authority. This essay must demonstrate academic research. Include at least two outside sources that are from trusted, well-respected authors/publications. Avoid .coms, except for newspapers. You will need to include a works cited pages according to MLA guidelines as well as cite sources correctly in the text of your paper. Requirements: Length: 3 pages plus 1 cover sheet and 1works cited page (total of 5 sheets); 12 pt. font, no more than one inch margins – double-spaced. Writing: you will be graded on spelling, punctuation, grammar and…    read more