English Homework(PROMPT 1)   GO TO MY COURSE HOME , THEN ENGLISH 4 PART 1 , FROM THERE THE TOP ONE THAT SAYS ASSIGNMENTS. INSTRUCTIONS ©MGM StudiosPlease click HERE to run your paper through Turnitin to check for grammar and plagiarism errors prior to submitting for a grade. Keep in mind that any work submitted to the Check Your Work folder WILL NOT be graded or even seen by your teacher. This folder is used solely as a place for you to check your drafts and get feedback before it’s graded. To access the feedback, go to Assessments, Assignments, and click on View Feedback. Select ONE of the following prompts. Be sure to follow the directions. Prompt 1: Short Story Create a short story using all you have learned so far in the unit. Include archetypes, literary elements, figurative language, and academic vocabulary words you learned in the course to…    read more