English Literary Analysis These are the instructions my teacher gave me – LOOK THROUGH THE SELECTIONS IN UNIT 7 OF BRITISH LITERATURE. YOU MAY CHOOSE ANY OF THE TEXTS IN THIS SECTION OR SELECT ANOTHER BRITISH LITERARY WORK FROM THE MODERN ERA FOR YOUR LITERARY ANALYSIS. APPLY WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED TO CHOOSE AND LIMIT A SUBJECT FOR YOUR LITERARY ANALYSIS. THEN DRAFT A THESIS STATEMENT. I chose for you to make it roughly easier. The literary analysis will be on Araby by James Joyce DOWN BELOW I WILL ATTACH A FILE OF THE STORY Araby by James Joyce. After reading Araby by James Joyce – Review the thesis statement you have written for your literary analysis. Remember that a thesis is an argument or a point you want to make and support. It should be expressed in one or two sentences. A literary analysis statement should state your reaction to the text…    read more