Entrepreneurial Operational Competencies Luck or skill? Which do you think it takes to successfully open and operate a small business? It may just be a little of both. While you cannot improve your chances of luck, you can always improve your skills. The self-assessment you will perform this week will assist you in assessing your entrepreneurial competencies. For this Assignment, take the self-assessment in Skill Module 2.2 in your Entrepreneurial Small Business textbook. Next, have two other individuals complete the assessment with you in mind. The individuals should know you well enough, either professionally or personally, to be able to complete the task. In your 1- to 2-page paper, be sure to address the following: In what areas do you believe you have excellent entrepreneurial competencies? How might you describe your skill set in order to emphasize these areas of personal excellence? In what areas do you think you need…    read more