environmental issue in china and India Prospectus (40% – 4 Credits): outline, plan of a proposed research project, (3500-4500 words); contributes to learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4. The Prospectus is due on the date established in the exam week, announced when the exam schedule is announced. The Prospectus is due on a date in the exam term, in lieu of an in-class exam. The Prospectus is a proposed research plan that explicitly frames the topic of research, it should present the research question and working hypothesis that frame the research project. Then the student needs to connect how his/her project fits with the range of scholarship in the topic area chosen. Then the student should show how he/she will operationalize their research project, with clear explanations about methods and means to be employed to support the claims they wish to make. The student finally should give a rough outline…    read more