December 18, 2020 |

Epidemiology Three days into a voyage on a cruise ship 50 people developed fever,  vomiting, and diarrhea. It was determined that all 50 of them attended a  banquet the night before the onset of symptoms. You decide to take your  team to investigate this sudden onset of illness among 50 people. Requirements: Answer the following questions about your investigation: How would you establish the existence of an outbreak? What are steps or measures you will take to verify the diagnosis? What will be your working case definition? How will you find cases systematically and record information? How will you communicate your findings of the investigations to the authorities and media? Your paper should: be 1-2 pages in length. properly cite research sources. be free of spelling and grammar errors 

Homosexuality: etiology, epidemiology, health concerns

December 14, 2020 |

Homosexuality: etiology, epidemiology, health concerns Homosexuality: etiology, epidemiology, health concerns (specifically cancer and eating disorders) psychosocial needs, describe how you will provide culturally and ethically sensitive care to the patient and parents. Please include 3 references in APA format        


December 12, 2020 |

Epidemiology Topic: Epidemiology Details: Activities may be modified by instructor depending on needs of students. However, projects are consistent across all classes. Online students will find details for activities in Important documents. Activity 1: Case Study: Revolt on the TB ward Activity 2: Case Study Simulation – Salmonella in the Caribbean Activity 3: Case Study An Epidemic of Thryotoxicosis Project Assignment: Looking for a Cause (Cholera). Determine how you will focus the study in your role. How will you determine the cause, what tools will you use, and how will you determine frequency, prevalence, and incidence?