BUS 207 Pioneer Academy Expectancy Theory and Equity Theory Questions

December 20, 2020 |

BUS 207 Pioneer Academy Expectancy Theory and Equity Theory Questions   1.Describe from the perspectives of the expectancy theory and equity theory. What managers should do to have a highly motivated workforce. 2. Explain how goals and needs motivate people and what kinds of goods are likely to result in high performance. 3. Identify the motivation lessons that managers can learn from operant conditioning theory and social learning theory. 4. Describe what transformational leadership is, and explain how managers can engage in it, 5.Characterize the relationship between gender and leadership and explain how emotional intelligence may contribute to leadership effectiveness. 6. Explain how different elements of group dynamics influence the functioning and effectiveness of groups and teams. 7. Explain why strategic human resource management can help an organization gain a competitive advantage. 8. Explain why performance appraisal and feedback are such crucial activities and list the choices managers must make…    read more 

Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

December 18, 2020 |

Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice Assignment: Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice—Learning From Each Other 400 words minimum When you watched the video transcript “Diversity and Equity Work: Lessons Learned” this week, you encountered three familiar faces: The early childhood professionals who you first met in the panel discussion in Week 2 came together once more to share what they call “lessons learned” (i.e., insights gained from working for diversity, equity, and social justice). They discussed relevant personal characteristics, considered assets in their diversity work, and reflected on their professional passion. After, focus on the three key themes of this conversation: The “lessons” each of the three early childhood professionals and visionaries learned from their deeply engaged scholarly and practical commitment to diversity, equity and social justice The personal characteristics/dispositions each believe to be exceptionally significant and supportive of their diversity work The role of passion in their work Consider your…    read more