Essay on Montaigne and Prospero The prompt of the essay is: Would Montaigne assess Prospero as having been cruel? Use Michel de Montaigne, "The Essays: A Selection" and William Shakespeare, "The Tempest" to form the essay. The essay has to be 6-7 pages long and in MLA format. The essay must have an intro paragraph which contains the thesis (preferably at the end). Then there should be three or four body paragraphs in which two or three of them are arguments supporting your essay while one is the counter argument. A counter argument is required. Then finally ending with a conclusion. I must include quotes therefore please mention in what chapter you have formed your argument off of. The Tempest can be found on sparknotes and that should be enough to understand the prespective of Prospero. As for Montaigne there is a pdf link at the bottom of the instructions….    read more