Ethical and Collaborative Part 1 In 100-250 word responses for each of the following five bullets, evaluate and answer the following questions: What are three ways in which cultural, language, and family background influence Sloane’s learning? How will knowledge of Sloane’s home environment assist her teachers in providing educational services and support? What are three steps a teacher could take with Sloane and her mother to build a collaborative relationship that takes into account their unique circumstances? What are three strategies that a teacher could use to encourage Sloane’s mother to actively participate in Sloane’s education process? How would you respond to the office staff and teachers wanting information regarding the order of protection, referencing the CEC Code of Ethics or other appropriate professional dispositions of learners? Support your responses with a minimum of three scholarly resources. Part 2 Write a 250-500 word rationale that: Analyzes the ethical principles you…    read more