Ethical Issues during Forensic Assessments Assignment 2: RA: Ethical Issues during Forensic Assessments When conducting forensic assessments, it is important for forensic mental health professionals to have a thorough understanding of the following: Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct Including 2010 Amendments Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology: Adopted by APA Council of Representatives Ethical issues are commonly present when completing forensic assessments. Read the scenario below and discuss the ethical issues therein. Dr. Smith was contacted by the District County Attorney’s office to evaluate Mr. Doe as part of a sexually violent predator civil commitment hearing. Dr. Smith agreed to complete the evaluation and contacted the prison facility, where Mr. Doe was being held, to schedule an appointment. Upon arrival at the prison, Mr. Doe’s attorney indicated that he wanted to be present for the interview and psychological testing. Dr. Smith agreed, and they proceeded with the interview….    read more