UOP Wk 2 Organizational Ethics Ethical Culture & Ethical Dilemmas Presentation   Assignment Content Review the University of Phoenix Material: Organizational Ethics Case Study. Research ethical environments in different organizations. Identify possible strategies for managing and resolving the organizational problem. Evaluate the strategies, and determine the best strategy to implement. Develop a proposal you would deliver to the organization for your strategy in resolving and managing the problem. Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes to deliver to the organization with your proposed strategy. Include the following: Describe the organization’s ethical culture. Describe the ethical characteristics of the leaders in the organization. Explain the ethical dilemma you encountered. Apply theoretical styles to resolve the dilemma. What rules and regulations are in place to enforce ethical behavior of these leaders? Make a proposal for ethical rewards and ethical punishments for this situation, and justify the rewards and punishments….    read more