Bowie State University Influence of Media & Ethics Essay Paper   Media Ethics Fall 2020 Instructor:  Dr. Shirelle Briscoe     DIRECTIONS: You are required to conduct light research on one of the topics below, or a topic of your own choosing and present a well-written, college appropriate, referenced FINAL ESSAY PAPER.   THE GUIDELINES:   Double-spaced, no more than five (5) sheets of paper.  No fewer than three( 3) sheets of paper.  An opening paragraph, supporting paragraphs and a summary paragraph. Please compose complete sentences. No plagiarism (include your source).  Your last sheet of paper should be your reference page.     PROPOSED TOPICS   1). Social media and ethics of college students   2). Environmental influences of social media use and integrity   3). Verification, transparency, accuracy, and news agenda-setting for young journalists   4). The contemporary field of journalism – Accuracy, objectivity, balance, transparency   5). Social Media…    read more