Sociological Approaches to Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

December 17, 2020 |

Sociological Approaches to Race, Ethnicity, and Gender INSTRUCTIONS: What are the key differences between racial and ethnic groups? What does it mean to say that race and ethnicity are social constructions? Address why it is important to consider race, ethnicity, and gender as social constructions. In your response, be sure to discuss the process of racialization, and how race and ethnicity have come to be identified as important social categories. In what way is gender a social, rather than a biological concept? Do you see any differences in how gender is constructed, versus race and ethnicity? Special Instructions: Create a 1 page essay in APA format according to instructions above. Use 3 academic sources for reference. Be sure to utilize in-text citations.                    

Race, Ethnicity, Sex, and Gender

December 15, 2020 |

Race, Ethnicity, Sex, and Gender Race, Ethnicity, Sex, and Gender” Please respond to one (1) of the following: Describe the effects that the statistical information on a specific race or ethnicity in the areas of health, crime, employment, or education may have in terms of being a predictor of behavior. Provide your opinion on the most likely effects these statistics will have on an individual. Select one (1) of the following terms: liberal feminism, socialist feminism, radical feminism, patriarchy, and multicultural feminism, and define it in your words. Describe the manner in which this term relates to you.              

Race, Ethnicity, and Social Class in the News

December 15, 2020 |

Race, Ethnicity, and Social Class in the News INTRODUCTION: Set aside some time to view television news on your local NBC, CBS, or ABC network. Do not use national outlets, such as CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or morning shows such as Good Morning America. Watch two different 15- to 30-minute segments of your local television news on two different days of the week. Take notes about how different races, ethnicities, and social classes are portrayed. Note how much time is spent portraying crime or other negative topics. If there is not much crime coverage, simply note what topics and groups are shown and how they are presented. Remember, the lack of coverage on negative topics, such as crime, is just as meaningful as a great deal of coverage. INSTRUCTIONS: In your discussion post, share the local news programs you watched and the days and times you watched them. Then address each…    read more