Evaluations, Compensation, and Firm Objectives Assignment: Evaluations, Compensation, and Firm Objectives The following outcomes are assessed in this Assignment: MT203-3: Explain how companies link compensation and evaluation to organizational objectives. GEL-1.02:Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English. A company’s mission, vision and values must be aligned with the company strategy. Then each of the functional areas of the company have their own strategies that align with the overall company strategy. In this Assignment you will explain how a company can link their compensation and performance evaluations to the organization’s innovation objectives. Read the case study below, and respond to all the checklist items. Case Study:Evaluations, Compensation, and Firm Objectives Braintrust Toys is a toy maker that has as its mission, “Our purpose is to expand the minds of children 1 month–100 years old.” Currently they use a product development strategy, but believe that maybe they…    read more