BIOL 1197 Moraine Valley Evolution via Natural Selection Biology Lab Worksheet BIOL1197 F20 – Evolution via Natural Selection Name:_______________________________________   Time 0:00 – 5:44:   How did the Galapagos Islands (GIs) end up with so many species? i.e. what is the current, strongly supported hypothesis explaining finch diversity stated by Peter Grant?     Explain how the initial colonizationof a small group of finches to one Galapagos islandis an example of genetic drift. Don’t forget to state what type of genetic drift!     Time 5:44 – 9:53: This figure shows the distribution of beak depths of finch offspring born before the 1977 drought and after the 1977 drought. Average break depths are indicated by the “^”.   Explain the observed rapid shift in offspring beak characteristics pre- and post-drought in terms of natural selection (hint list the steps involved and the outcome).     What type of…    read more