Explaining the Business Problem Before beginning this exercise, review the lecture, and read Chapters 1, 3, and 4 in the text. Evaluate the Cool Widgets, Inc. (CWI) scenario located in your online classroom. Identify and explain the primary business issues described in the CWI scenarioPreview the document. Based on your evaluation, explain the business problem that CWI faces. Then using the concept of work as described in your Robertson and Robertson (2015) text, explain the impact the business problem has on the business, users, and other stakeholders. Explain the primary needs a solution must meet in this scenario and what it must accomplish for the business. Include a context diagram depicting the scope of work you have identified from the scenario (see Figure 4.2 in the text for an example). In your paper, Identify the primary business issues described in the CWI scenario. Explain the business problem facing CWI. Explain…    read more