CHE 122 Ashford University Wk 7 Chemistry of Metals Exploring Reactivity Lab Report     CHE-122: Principles of Chemistry II     Laboratory 7 Procedure :  The Chemistry of Metals:Exploring Reactivity Background:     Let’s consider single displacement reaction, where one element displaces another in a compound. This reaction can be summarized by the following general equation:     A(s)  + BC(aq)    =>  B(s)  + AC(aq)   Figure 1: A is a free metal (s), BC is an ionic compound dissolved in water (aq), B is a free mental (s), and AC an ionic compound dissolved in water (aq). In this type of reaction, there is a competition between the two elements (A and B). During this single displacement, redox reaction one element loses electron (or electrons) to the other element. We can simplify the reaction by writing net ionic equation, that will show only the electron exchange between elements:…    read more