The Financial Planning of State of Florida, USA

Most government bodies prepare a yearly budget to monitor progress and performance,  allocate resources more suitably, manage cash flows efficiently and solve financing difficulties. Preparing the annual project undertakesnumerousprocedures that assist the finance administratorsin organizing a healthy budget. The first procedure is the budget’sdesign,endorsement, and implementation. The last stageinvolves the legislature overseeing, reviewing, and auditing the budgeting. The budget procedure offers a technique to regulate government and the funds used  (Van Dooren et al., 2012). Therefore, these proceduresneed abetter-quality budget method that comprises the annual cycle, timeframes, long-term perspective, kickoff, assessment, measurement, and iteration. As a fundingmanager of theState of Florida, I will trail the procedure’s efficiency by examining performance measures, estimating revenue, and creating public awareness.

The finance manager’s duty in this state is to ensure fiscal integrity by expanding and executing healthy financial strategies. As the funding administrator of this nation, I shall track an exact process comprising budget preparation, approval, execution, and economic oversight in formulating the budget (Van Dooren et al., 2012). Budget preparation includes the actions, stages, and certification in the financial plan procedures that are ensured in advance for better development. Budget preparation aims to authorize the public regulation that empowers the financial plan authority to achieve its mission. After budget formulation, the finance director goes to the succeedingstage of budget endorsement. The State of Florida principle requires congress members to evaluate and modify the budget. After the budget appraisal, it may be passed by congress into law, and the investmentadministrator then allocates finance to diversesectors. Thus, this budget shall be the backbone of next year’s expenditure.

The budget implementation procedure in this state follows an inimitable process. In this way, the finance manager and executive collect income and perform the expenses outlined in the budget law. Likewise, the method comprisesmodifying, monitoring, and recording the current year’s budget. All resources collectedin Florida are consumed to gadget the guidelines that congress integrated into the financial plan. The implementation process is vital because it allows the management in the metropolitan to design and accomplish its fiscal resources. (Bogoslavtseva et al., 2019).Hence, the timeline for personnel is displayed below.

Fig 1.1: The Timeline for workers’ monthly budget

The budget review comprises checking the financial records and the government revising the audit results. Finance managers and executives should correct the findings given after auditing. The documents used for the budget assessments comprise the audit explanations and governmental audit board reports(Bogoslavtseva et al., 2019). A financial officer should establish an executiondesign to advance the yearly budget procedure to nurture effective budget implementation.

The figure belowdisplays a timeline for the financial plan process of the stateof  Florida.

Figure 1.2: The  governmentof Florida financial planprocedure

As the funding manager at the nation of Florida, I shall ponder the timeframes,  annual cycle, outset(kickoff), process enhancement, assessment, measurement, and iteration factors in generating the budget procedure development plan. The yearly cycle comprisesfashioning actions and strategies to observe the budget procedure(Yang, 2019). I will examine the resources assigned in that budget execution, monitor the budget’s efficiency, and scrutiny theaccountability in thatbudget. The resources allotted in this budget implementation should work for all individuals in this nation of Florida and support the attainment of the nation’s objectives. I will embrace a strategy to add capital to events with inadequate resources.

Moreover, the funds should be improved if the actions in the nationupsurge(Yang, 2019). The aim of observing the process cycle shall be to stimulate the processes’ performance. Furthermore, the annual cycle shall follow the financial plan to safeguardefficiency. The audit crew should be involved in the yearly cycle to guaranteeresponsibility in the financial plan process.

The financial manager shall approve the long-term viewpoint to increase the budget’s implementation process. Therefore,  I will measure the state of Florida, line up the fiscal objective and vision and then cultivate long-term primacies and advantages(Bogoslavtseva et al., 2019). Additionally, the long-term standpoint will empower the nation to inaugurate a comprehensive budget procedure that will assist it in attaining its financial goals. The financial directors and executives will concentrate on achieving the set objectives while increasing the financial plan and making a balanced budget. They can furthermoreexpand the budget employing adding extra resources.

It is vital to embrace the timeframe in a budget. For example, the administration in the nation of Florida needs individuals to formulate a budget once a given fiscal year ends. The finance administrator should assign sufficient budget funds to work for the era before the subsequent budget. The period for oversight would be reflected while creating the budget; hence the accountants can formulate to conduct appraisal(Yang, 2019). The members of congress would specify the period for expanding a singleprocedure to safeguard all the phases monitored in the planned improvement. As the investmentdirector, I will frame a definiteperiod for budget preparation, endorsement, implementation, and observation. Likewise, the timeframe for the improvement will congruently be measured.

Additionally, I willobserve the presentation of all the steps and guarantee that a distinctprocedure is established at the calculated time. A budget kickoff encompasses thefinancial plan’simplementation. The finance director should give out the financial plan drafted to the assembly for authorization. After endorsement, the operation plans begin to certify the budget attain its purposes. The improvementstrategy in this procedurecontainscapital budgeting, position reporting, and the enhanced budget adjustment process. The schemesapplied at the outset ensure that a budget is an operative(Bogoslavtseva et al., 2019). The financial plan is examined, and the financial board will include different assets to ensure effective execution. The investmentexecutive ensures that a  budget attains all the necessities before handing it over to the assembly for approval. Thus, the figure below displays the outset timeline for the yearly budget.

Figure 1.3. The budget kickoff

The budget procedure should be enriched from the implementation to oversight to safeguard an efficient process. As the investment director, I would ensure that resources are enough. The members of congress should carefullywatch the development course, and the administration should be involved in the operation. Throughout the performance, the fundingmanager in the metropolitan will display how diverseregions within the town have exploited the budget. Moreover, the parliament must evaluate the audit procedurethroughout the oversight.

In the same way, audit outcomes should be modified by the finance officer to ensure answerability. Correspondingly, the implementation of the expenditure by the state of Floridaadministration will be applied as a deficit measurement  (Yang 2019). The presentation of the financial planmust be evaluated by congress to recognize the regions where the financial plan has advancedexceedingly and the areas with less benefit from the budget.

As the financedirector, I will emphasize assigning resources evenly to support all individuals equally. For example, the likelihood of a budget defending the nation of Florida’s objectives will be cultivated by members of congress for the sound development of the country. The industrial development and substructures in the urban will assist the finance manager to considers the budget’s usefulness. Decentsubstructure and the rapid development of the trades are signs of financialgrowth(Bogoslavtseva et al., 2019). Gauging a budget is essential to trackperformance. Hence,  the budget techniques will be scrutinized to evaluate how effective they are in formulating the budget. The distribution of capital during the implementationprocedure will aid in the valuation.

An equal supply of funds concerning the budget would result in economic development. The financial officer will enhance the financial plan if the assets are not adequate to attain the fundamentals of the conurbation. The financial officer will observe the outcomes from the budgeting appraisal. As the fundingmanager, I will ensure the audit procedure is straightforward and supports the strategy of the management in the nation. The iteration would be comprised of the financial planprocedure. The audit practice and valuation should be prepared continuously within the financial year to ensure that all activities are recorded. Moreover, regular audits will safeguard transparency and recover the budgeting(Van Dooren et al., 2012). As afoundingexecutive, I should trail the budget efficiency, finance value, and capital arrangement programs.

Likewise, the efficiency of the financial plan will be traced by the financial manager by gauging its presentation. The identical distribution of capital and the development of the state of Florida’seconomy is a sign of the active budget. The projected income should be collected from the diverseevents and must bepredictable, and the investment director assignssufficient finance to assist in assembling the payment. Both public interaction and awareness are essential indicators in the financial plan. The finance executive should involve the public in budgeting, ensuring citizens’ interests are incorporated into the budget(Bogoslavtseva et al., 2019). As a financing director, the tracing of the resources planning platform will be directedby asking th citizens questions about the efficiency of the financial plan. The financial officer will perform the regular valuation of the resources in this state to trail the budget’s efficiency.


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